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Whether you are an established business or are planning to start a business, let’s discuss your objectives and identify a best-suited social media marketing strategy to improve your ROI.

The aim of every session is continuously improve on previous results. This includes analysing data, reviewing business activities and setting realistic goals. After each session, you will be given an action plan based on the what was discussed. Sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly. 


In addition to your consultancy sessions, you can opt to receive tailored marketing materials which helps with providing structure to help you successfully manage your social media marketing (extra charges may apply).


Your brand is more than product aesthetics, a logo or a cohesive colour palette – it’s how consumers perceive your business.


As well branding services such as identifying the correct tone of voice, brand aesthetics and more, you will receive a well-designed brand strategy suited to your industry. It will address key topics such as competitor analysis, how to position your business, brand values and developing USPs with the aim to improve your business’s financial performance. Additionally, it will identify areas to develop products and services to exceed consumer expectations and improve their experience with your business to promote brand advocacy.

content creation

Grab the attention of your customers with eye-catching graphics, imagery and videos to use across your digital marketing campaigns from social media to email. Get well-conceived designs and well-written stories that are consistently on brand to develop trust between you and your customers. This can be through the use of your own content and creating a pool of user generated content that successfully tell your brand’s story as well align with your strategic goal.

copy writing

Articulate your brand’s story and unique selling proposition that resonates with your target demographic through powerful and engaging copy for social media, email campaigns, blogs and much more. Utilising powerful tools such as Google Analytics, rank your business higher in key search terms and improve organic traffic to reach your ideal audience to increase sale conversions. All copy provided is SEO optimised using keywords based on Google trends and competitor analysis guaranteeing that your content will reach the people who are most likely to buy from you.


Boost sales and engagement through high quality product photography for your e-commerce and digital platforms. Studies prove that a significant majority of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. Most importantly the quality of the visuals to show how your products look is essential.

Discover affordable photography packages, perfect for small to medium businesses, that include styling, mood boards and creative direction. Transform your e-commerce and digital platforms with high-quality and inspirational images to make your brand stand and encourage consumers to buy. 

social media management

Free up your time to focus on running your business, and let me take care of the day-to-day management of your social media as well as reporting. As a social media enthusiast, I’m up to speed with best practices and growth strategies which I adapt (based on your industry) and apply to your profiles to generate leads, drive website traffic and convert customers.


Do you employ digital marketing/PR agencies and creatives? As your social media manager, let me support you. I’ll collaborate with your teams to execute campaigns, work with assigned budgets and manage key relationships ensuring all activities meet business objectives.


Start seeing results in your social media marketing. Remove the guesswork with data-driven strategies that generate leads, drive website traffic and increase sales. All proposed strategies (for engagement, hashtags, content and more) are tailored to your business goals and incorporate the best practices in social media marketing.

The strategy will analyse your current data from Google Analytics and existing social media platforms, customer journey from social media to your sales platform, budgets and timelines to formulate a well-designed plan to execute across all business functions to improve engagement, increase awareness and drive conversions.

influencer marketing

Collaborate with individuals that support your values and increase brand awareness and ROI. Let nb: social manage campaigns, negotiations and contracts. This also includes auditing influencer profiles for authenticity (i.e. fake followers or inconsistent growth and engagement) and ensuring they’re a perfect brand fit based on profile criteria, business objectives and budgets.


Alternatively, receive training on how to: research the right influencers and brand partnerships, approach them for gifted or paid opportunities, organise contracts, procure content, execute influencer campaigns and build long term relationships to encourage brand advocacy.


If you are an established or aspiring influencer in need of advice in structuring collaboration proposals and media kits, get in touch!

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